Major Hoople's Boarding House Band

Gail Selkirk

Black and white photo of Gail Selkirk.Gail Selkirk is one of the most versatile musicians to come out of Waterloo Region.
Over the course of her career, she has taken on a long list of roles, including singer, pianist, arranger, composer, entertainer, piano teacher, musical director, choir director and church organist.

Her musical education is extensive: Gail attended the Humber College jazz program on a piano scholarship, but she has also studied piano, harmony and voice with top coaches.

Gail kicked off her musical career as one of the original members of Major Hoople’s Boarding House. With that group, she toured across Canada, gaining a loyal following.

From there, Gail was in demand for a variety of projects and used her talent for everything from arranging, playing keyboard and providing vocals for Kate Ashby-Craft’s The Heart and the Mind album to rapping and singing on Math 3R Rap, an educational album.

Gail composed and performed two tracks for the documentary film Swans On The Avon and has worked as the musical director for community theatre productions, including Jesus Christ Superstar.

She is also the founder, director and arranger of the Amazing Grace Jazz Choir, an 8-voice gospel jazz ensemble.

In 1994, Gail put her knowledge of teaching piano to paper. She co-authored “But I am practicing,” a guide for learning keyboard, with Janice Clark.

While she undertook many projects after leaving Major Hoople’s, Gail’s work has brought her full circle. One of her current projects is working and performing with other original Major Hoople’s band members, Peter Padalino and Rocky Howell. The group is back and performing again for appreciative Canadian audiences.