Major Hoople's Boarding House Band

Peter Padalino

Black and white photo of Peter Padalino.The original guitarist for Major Hoople’s Boarding House, Peter Padalino with Rocky Howell started a band called the Shan-De-Leers in Cambridge (Galt) with local high school friends. It was soon after that that Peter and Rocky felt they needed to take this music thing to the next level. We were hooked and we were ready to put in the time and energy and talent to make our mark in Canadian musical history. Peter was dedicated to his academic life and finished and graduated from GCI&VS in Galt. As soon as he graduated, there was nothing that would and could stop this wonderful musical ball from Rocking & Rolling. Peter was influenced in his music by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, 4 Seasons, then got serious with Emmerson Lake and Palmer , Moody Blues, Yes and Genesis and that paved the road for Peter and his music today.

Those beginning years with the group were fun—from the group’s early days as the Shan-de-leers in Galt to traveling as Major Hoople’s Boarding House to New York City, meeting (and signing) with Polydor records to touring all over Canada. This have given Peter some of his favourite memories. The road was hard and difficult but the experiences we had and the people we met ….. it was well worth it.

“Every town we went to, we were received so well. Everyone became our friends,” he says.

In order to find some balance in life Peter realized that the next step was just around the corner and left Major Hoople’s Boarding House to join the famous Lulu’s Roadhouse Band in 1983. Peter was centre stage front for The Lulu’s Roadhouse Band for almost 10 years performing for over 10,000 people every week…… However, Peter conceded that even though the band was extremely talented and they had a lot going for them, he was ready to move on. He said goodbye to his band mates and started a group called The Desert Dolphins.

This project Desert Dolphins, . Within eight months of starting the group, the band had itself a top 10 hit and video on new country charts (for its single “Dynamite”). Desert Dolphins didn’t stay together long and Peter found himself on his own again, but playing “the music I’ve always wanted to do,” he says. He was playing what he calls “all the classics” leaning towards Funk, sprinkled with some Jazz influences with a group he started with another Kitchener heavy weight in the music scene Rich Wamil of the Copper Penny.

Peter continues to be involved heavily with the local and national music scene as a performer and writer and entertainer. Peter lives in Kitchener and he’s back with other original Major Hoople’s Boarding House members Gail Selkirk and Rocky Howell. When Gail asked him why he was doing it again, Peter, told her he remembered how much fun it used to be!

Peter continues to be a leader and central person in the resurgence of Major Hoople’s Boarding House. Peter says, “the vocal power and entertainment quality that Major Hoople’s Boarding House was famous for ….. IS HAPPENING AGAIN “.