Major Hoople's Boarding House Band

Ron Duke

IMGP3434 BW Ron Duke’s Gift of Music came naturally to him as a member of a very musical family. At age 8, he started drum lessons and later studied percussion with Gary Tomlin Studios in Kitchener.

After graduation, he worked in orchestra and big band, including various acts of Opus’ World of Music as well as live stage and live television work, and studio sessions playing and singing. His vocal and drums were featured in several radio “jingles” and he played “on call” for various bands over the years. He was the drummer and lead vocalist in the 50 & 60’s act Eddie and the Edsels.

My best compliment? A studio engineer back in the day was convinced that a track I played live on had to be a machine as the tempo was locked perfectly.

Why drums? Ed Sullivan 1964, Black Oyster Ludwig’s (nothing more to be said).

My experience with Major Hoople’s Boarding House? As a fellow musician and admirer

This was the one local band that stood out for me from most of the others. There were many great talented musicians that grew out of the Ontario area, no question. But Hoople’s was different.

Then, there was the ‘show’ that always kept the audience wondering what these characters were going to do next. While so many other bands were doing great renditions of the classic rock and roll covers of the day, Hoople’s tackled and mastered the tough vocal numbers that were simply out-of-reach for most bands in the circuit.

Then, above all, they had the audacity to break the mold of the ‘one word’ band names. Nope, they had to have four!

To the present: Fast forward many, many years and little has changed.

As far as not knowing what the characters will do next, well you have to come to a show and find out. And while so many other bands are still doing a great job of covering classic rock tunes, Major Hoople’s Boarding House is still mastering the tough vocal numbers that are still out-of-reach for other bands out there.

Major Hoople’s Boarding House Band is most definitely Happening Again!